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What is a blood pressure test in dogs and cats?

A blood pressure test in dogs and cats is performed just as it is in humans, and in veterinary medicine high blood pressure can be associated with pathological change in various organs including the heart.

How is blood pressure monitoring performed in dogs and cats?

We have two methods of measuring blood pressure which are oscillometric measuring and by using doppler. Both of these methods involve an inflatable cuff being placed around the leg of your dog or cat similar to the way human blood pressure is measured.

What information can the vet obtain from a blood pressure test in your dog or cat?

We are typically looking for elevated blood pressure in our patients, the consequences of high blood pressure, as mentioned already, can lead to changes to the heart muscle. This is because the heart has to pump blood into high pressure arteries and this will cause the heart muscle to undergo detrimental change. High blood pressure can also damage the retina leading to sudden onset blindness and can be related to kidney disease so it is important to get blood pressure checked regularly in older animals or in animals with concurrent disease such as Diabetes or Cushing's syndrome.

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What treatment is available for these canine and feline conditions diagnosed by a blood pressure test?

There are effective medical treatments for hypertension for both cats and dogs, which can prevent damage to the heart, kidneys, eyes and brain.