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Why should you vaccinate your cat?

Feline Leukaemia                                 Cat Flu                                    Feline Enteritis

When you care for your pet, you obviously want to PROTECT it from disease.

Unless properly  VACCINATED, your cat is AT RISK of contracting one of these serious infections.

Vaccination has been extremely successful in preventing these diseases and is the only way to protect your cat.

Feline Leukaemia

Feline Leukaemia has become a major cause of infectious death in cats in the UK. The virus gradually destroys the cat’s immune defence system, making it more vulnerable to other infections. It is also a major cause of cancer.

Feline Leukaemia is being diagnosed more and more commonly.

Over two thirds of cats will come into contact with Feline Leukaemia Virus at some point during their lifetime, and if infected, there is NO treatment available for the virus.

Cat Flu

Although this respiratory disease of commonly called cat “flu”, it is caused by two major viruses: Feline Herpes Virus and Feline Calicivirus.

These viruses can produce much a more serious illness in cats than the current UK ‘flu produces in people.

Cat “flu” is a extremely common illness in unvaccinated cats, and can be fatal in kittens, elderly cats and cats with suppressed immune systems.

However most healthy adult cats survive, BUT are UNABLE to eliminate the virus from the body, and have distressing frequent recurrences of the illness– sneezing, runny eyes and nose, conjunctivitis and eye infections, ulcers in the mouth, high temperature.

Once a cat is infected there is no treatment to clear the virus and prevent recurrences.

The only prevention is to vaccinate before infection occurs.

Feline Enteritis

This is a highly contagious disease causing initial tiredness, high temperature, lack of appetite, then severe vomiting and profuse watery, bloody diarrhoea. This results in rapid and severe dehydration, and frequently death, especially in kittens.

Those few cats which do survive often suffer from a variety of other illnesses due to damage to the immune system and their intestines.

How can I protect my cat?

With Safe and Effective vaccines available at your Veterinary Surgeon, it makes sense to PROTECT your cat as soon as possible.

Your cat can be given its FIRST vaccination from 9 weeks old.

If your cat is receiving its first vaccination, or its previous vaccinations have been missed, then a second booster vaccination will be given 3-4 weeks later to provide full immunity.

Booster Vaccinations:

Immunity to the diseases above does not last indefinitely and gradually falls, leaving your cat at risk.

A booster vaccination given once a year is vital to maintain this immunity, allowing you to PROTECT you cat for the rest of it’s life.

Furthermore your cat will receive a Full General Health Check Up at each of its annual boosters– essential for early detection of other illness or problems.