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neutering scheme

How can the Dog’s Trust neutering scheme help you and your dogs?

Neutering is one of the NCDL's most important campaigns. By neutering your own dog and consequently avoiding unplanned litters of puppies, you will also be helping us to cut down on the numbers of stray dogs on our streets.

Did you know?

You may be able to qualify for subsidised neutering for just £15 if you are claiming any means tested benefits and live within one of the four NCDL campaign regions.

Telephone the clinic to see if you are eligible on 028 38 352640 or 38 358525.

Why is neutering so important?

Neutering is a guaranteed way of preventing unplanned puppies being born. It is cheaper than the cost of an unplanned canine pregnancy and raising a litter of puppies.

Neutering is a safe, effective and humane solution to controlling the dog population on a long-term basis. Each year many thousands of unwanted and abandoned puppies and dogs are needlessly destroyed and we want to put an end to this unnecessary suffering. That's why we believe neutering your dog is the only responsible thing to do.

Useful facts about neuetering your dog

· A bitch usually comes into season (on heat) twice a year. Each season lasts for about three weeks. With some dogs it can be quite messy and the bitch will need to be kept clean.

· When a bitch is in season, she will do anything to escape and follow her instincts. During this time she will need to be kept away from male dogs.

· Male dogs’ behaviour can also alter greatly when a local bitch is in season, again trying to escape at any given opportunity, running across busy roads and even jumping out from high windows.


How is dog neutering done?

· Neutering a male dog (castration) is a routine operation performed under general anaesthetic. As well as making a dog less likely to stray it may help problems of aggression in some dogs.

· Neutering a female dog (spaying) is also a straightforward, although more complicated operation and is performed under general anaesthetic. It is a well-established procedure, but (as with any operation) there is a small risk associated.

· Recovery time is approximately ten days but will depend on your dog. Your vet will be able to advise you.

· Dogs will not put on weight following the operation provided they are fed sensibly and exercised regularly.

· Early neutering can reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and some cancers in both male and female dogs.

· Unneutered bitches can suffer from unwanted pregnancies, false pregnancies, mammary cancers, ovarian cysts, and uterine infections.

Dogs Trust neutering scheme