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Why have your dogs and cats neutered?

Did you know ?

Not only will neutering prevent unwanted pregnancy, it can help protect your pet from serious disease and cancer.

These are 5 good reasons to consider neutering::

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1. Neutering can reduce your pets risk of some types of cancer

Female dogs, which are spayed before their first or second heat season have a significantly reduced risk of developing cancer of the mammary glands.

Mammary carcinoma is a very serious form of cancer, which can rapidly spread to other parts of the body, which make a complete cure almost impossible, unless diagnosed very early. Therefore if we can help reduce the risk of this life threatening disease, we should consider it.

Castration of male dogs eliminates the risk of testicular cancer & reduces greatly the risk of prostate cancer

2. Neutering prevents a pyometra (Infection of the womb).

Female dogs and cats frequently develop serious infections of the uterus or “womb” after finishing their heat season, whether they have been mated or not.

Often the infection can develop into a “pyometra”, which requires a hysterectomy to remove the infection. This disease is frequently seen in older pets which then require an operation, which is more complicated than a routine spay, when they are both older and ill. These factors obviously increase surgical and anaesthetic risks ( & costs). Its makes sense not to take the risk and have your pet spayed when it is young and healthy.

3. Neutering can prevent spraying Tom cats.

Male unneutered tomcats will begin spraying urine to mark or “scent” their territory soon after 6 months old. As they mature and become sexually active, the urine develops a very unpleasant smell.

This very unpleasant characteristic of the male cat can usually be prevented by neutering at 5-6 months old.

If left too late, the behaviour is frequently not reversible.

4. Aggressive dogs/ Dominance.

Aggressive or dominant tendencies in male dogs can frequently be reduced or prevented by having male dogs neutered at 5-6 months old. As with spraying Tomcats, if left too late the behaviour is often not reversible

5. Neutering prevents unwanted pregnancies.

An obvious, and very important, reason for neutering is to prevent unwanted pregnancy, also straying of male dogs and the inconvenience of a cat or bitch being in heat.

Numerous unwanted puppies and kittens are born each year. Many are abandoned or die from disease or starvation. Those which cannot be rehomed have to be humanely destroyed.

Help prevent this unnecessary suffering by having your pet neutered.

As with all anaesthetic and surgical procedures, there are risks involved.

These can be discussed with our Veterinary Surgeons, who can give you the best advise for your particular pet.

Have your dog neutered for £15 in conjunction with the Dog’s Trust- click here

Have your dog neutered for £15 at Greenmount vets in conjuction with the Dog’s Trust– click here, conditions apply.