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What does pet insurance cover?

Our pets are one of our best friends, yet we often leave them uninsured and the consequences can be expensive.

Your dog or cat may suffer an accident, become ill, injure somebody, or cause an accident on the road.

Pet insurance plans can cover such eventualities as your pet having an accident, sickness, compensation for having to cancel your holiday, money for advertising or to pay a reward if your pet is lost or stolen. The level of cover varies with each policy, but most provide cover for the following categories:

Vet Fees

Third Party Liability
Accidental Damage

Why take out pet insurance?

When a pet arrives at the clinic after a road traffic accident or with a broken leg the cost of treatment can be a concern for many people.

Having you pet insured removes the question of how much will treatment cost and whether it can be afforded at that time.

What about lifetime pet insurance cover?

Other conditions which can become costly to treat over a period of time are what are called CHRONIC diseases– this means that these diseases often last for the lifetime of the pet and many can develop at early ages- e.g. Arthritis, heart disease, skin problems and allergies, liver or kidney disease.

Some of the most important advise we can give you is to ensure that your pet insurance gives you LIFETIME COVER.

Make sure your insurance covers illnesses and injuries for life. This is invaluable if your pet develops an ongoing condition such as arthritis or eczema, as some policies will stop paying out after the first 12 months. Many people have been very disappointed with these policies. Or alternatively offer a maximum benefit policy, which means over the pet’s lifetime they will only pay up to a set figure per condition regardless of the cost of treatment.

With these there is no time limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury, regardless of severity. All you need to do is renew the policy each year and the full veterinary fees benefit is reinstated.